Vietnam countdown.

by jessicalouisemoore

In 2 weeks and 3 days I will be heading to Vietnam for the first time in my life. I’m a little nervous as the last time I went to Asia I found it a little confronting and, to be frank, quite dirty. What I mostly remember is constantly having dirty feet and an upset stomach, being sweaty and being yelled at by Thai people. I remember the animals that were chained up and forced to perform and bartering with shop owners for a few dollars off a pair of sandals.

It’s been 3 years since I was in Thailand and I’m ready to give South-East-Asia another chance. I’m heading to Hoi-Chi Minh City and Danang for a total of 10 days. I’m hoping to relax on the beach, sip some cocktails and do a lot of siteseeing. I am mostly excited to see the tunnels underneath Hoi-Chi Minh as I love anything to do with history. I am going over with an open mind and a willing heart, but I am not so game as to try to eat any kind of insect or animal that is not chicken…to be on the safe side. Whilst over there I hope to get some amazing photographs of a place that I imagine to be an entirely different world to the one I live in.

There are so many places in this world that I wish to explore and discover, I just never realised Vietnam was on it. Never-the-less, I am becoming increasingly excited and cannot wait to get there and uncover everything they have to offer.

Until next time.