My First Snow Storm

by jessicalouisemoore

Let’s face it, I’m Australian, so the site of snow falling anywhere but the mountains excites me probably more than it should. I remember my first snow storm when I was studying in Michigan, I think I was about 15 minutes late for class because I was too busy taking photos. When I finally arrived I announced “It’s snowing outside!” and the entire class looked at me and politely informed me that yes, it would be snowing for the next 6 months.

To me, snow is a novelty. It reminds me of all those Christmas movies I watched as a kid, when instead of making snow angels I was at the beach building sandcastles. It makes me think of Frank Sinatra and eggnog even though I’ve never tasted eggnog in my entire life – I’m not even sure if it’s one or two words! Of course there are times when I remember that I couldn’t feel my toes or my face for that matter, but still, I don’t think I will ever tire of seeing the snow fall, especially when I’m inside by the fireplace reading a book…or drinking champagne…the champagne is more likely.

So to all of you who hate the snow or are tired of it, I promise to send you a sandcastle, if you promise to truly appreciate the beauty of the fluffy white snow blanketing everything in site.

In honour of my truly magical first time I have created a collage of a few of those photos I took when I should have been in class… I hope you like them, and yes, as I type this I am listening to Frank Sinatra’s Christmas Album…is there any other?



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