Day 2 – A letter to yourself as a child…

by jessicalouisemoore

Dear younger version of myself,

I’m proud of you for being one of those kids that reads books instead of playing computer games. You’ll realise how useful it is once you grow up a little bit. I hope you’re enjoying school, hold onto those moments and learn as much as you can. Do your homework because it really does help and try many different sports.

Be nice to people, even if they are mean to you, it will drive them crazy and in the end you’ll always be able to say you were a good person. Don’t trust too readily, especially people who seem too good to be true, they are. Most importantly, don’t trust someone you know has cheated on their girlfriend, because they will most likley cheat on you too. Stay away from english boys, they’re nothing but trouble.

You are not fat. Don’t think that you are ever. People will tell you you’re beautiful and you should believe them. Take self confidence from that, but don’t think you’re better than others because you’re not, not even a little bit.

Whenever you have the opportunity to travel, don’t take it for granted. There will be times when you’re homesick, but always remember how lucky you are to being seeing different parts of the world. Most people wont have that chance.

Write. Write often and write a lot. Whatever you feel, see, hear or think, write it down…it makes you smarter and more interesting.

Keep your friends close and as for enemies, expel them from you life. The negativity that stems from them isn’t worth your time.

You are going to grow into a beautiful person, but that doesn’t mean that bad things aren’t going to happen. I’m not telling you this to scare you but instead, to prepare you. What people do to you is their Karma, but how you respond is yours. Strive to show class in each aspect of your life and that is how you will be treated in return.

Good luck,

Your older self x