Day 7 – A letter to your guilty pleasure…

by jessicalouisemoore

(how do I choose just one)

Dear days where I don’t have to wear a bra,

Thank you for existing.


Dear Mama June Cooking Show,

You’re truly amazing. Thanks for teaching me how to make a tuna bake.

Dear Chicken Schnitzel,

You. Complete. Me.

Shut up, just shut up, you had me at “mushroom sauce”


Dear Teen Mom Marathons,

You are true television genius. Thank you for always making me feel better about my life choices.


Dear Oversizes Shirts,

Thanks for making it uneccessary for me to wear pants. I hate pants.


Dear Frank Sinatra Christmas Album,

You are number one. Always were, always will be.


Dear Hashbrowns,

You’ve saved my life on many occasions…thank you.


Dear Books,

Thanks for all the adventures you’ve taken me on that I couldn’t have otherwise afforded. Thank you for making it easier to ignore the fact that people in reality are generally shit.


Until next time,

Jess x