Vietnam Tomorrow

by jessicalouisemoore

First of all, Merry Christmas.

Second of all, who wants to help me pack for Vietnam. I leave in 12 hours so any help would be amazing.

No takers? Didn’t think so.

Packing has got to be one of the worst parts of travelling. I can never decide what I want to take and when it comes time to make the gut-wrenching decision about which clothes to take and which to leave, I feel as though the poor rejected clothes will just be lonely in my drawer. It’s completely heart breaking.

I cannot wait to explore a country I know almost nothing about.

As I sit here watching my sister take selfies on my phone, I realise that she is probably going to be very bored whilst I’m away, so if there’s anyone that wants to bring over some board games or a ball of string for her to play with, it’d be appreciated.

Alright, off to empty some drawers into a suitcase. If anyone has any recommendations of what to pack please let me know.

Until next time,

Jess x