Good morning Vietnam!

by jessicalouisemoore

Hi Chi Minh City, like New York, is always under construction. The city is constantly moving, awake at all times with the continuous honking of horns creating a perfect soundtrack. People on bikes (sometimes four at a time) fill the roads creating the perfected art of organised chaos. Watching the traffic from above the city provides hours of entertainment as I watch in wonder how they avoid collision. Giant roundabouts with no lanes or use for indicators are a “cross or die trying” game for pedestrians. Brave families with children under the age of five, cross fearlessly as of to say “I dare you to hit me”. It is fair to say that the Vietnamese could be the worlds best drivers.

Obviously, the food is phenomenal. The freshest cuisine I’ve tasted and the most fun to eat. Rolling your own rice paper rolls at the table and attempting not to spill the entire bowl of pho down your front at breakfast.

The most interesting part however is trying not to laugh at my parents social media ignorance…
Dad: oh look Scott liked your photo, so did cayleigh. Cayleigh liked all of your photos, what is she doing in the back streets of St Ives?
Me: Yes dad, I got the notification, I realise who has liked my photos.
Dad (to mum): Why do you have a photo of Cayleigh on your iPad?
Me (to dad): That’s Facebook dad
Mum (to dad): Cayleigh’s my friend.

And so on… I will provide more anecdotes later. For now I will amuse myself watching Dad eat musli out of a tiny jar.

Until next time,
Jess x