Where is my snow?

by jessicalouisemoore



It appears that almost everyone I am friends with on Facebook has decided to head off to the snow. In theory, this sounds pretty ok to me since I don’t see any of them that often anyways. The real problem started when they started posting pictures of the snow-capped mountains, outdoor spas and ski gear all over Instagram.

I was sitting at my desk, looking at these phenomenal pictures thinking “well you may be in (aspen, france, japan) but I have a pretty tasty-looking turkey and lettuce sandwich on my desk…so take that”

how. freaking. depressing.

It has come to my attention now that I would like to go on a skiing holiday. It’s been a good two years since I was shredding the powder on Aspen mountain and it feels a lot like a great injustice. I felt bad for myself for a few minutes until I realised that yes, all these friends of mine are falling on their asses into metres of snow, but I on the other hand, have my turkey sandwich and nothing can beat that…except that the turkey sandwich ended up being bad so I had to buy some sushi which was equally as terrible.

Luckily my parents bought us a snowcone maker a few christmases ago. I hope they won’t get mad if I turn the house into an indoor ski field. visitors welcome, bring your own hand warmers.

Until next time,

Jess x