The weekend began, two girls driving off into the sunset towards the “paradise” that is Forster. We crawled up the highway towards the freeway entrance and when we got there, we flew.

Our classic road trip stop was at the gourmet F3 cafe stop where we destroyed some quality maccas cuisine and counted how many people we could see in footy shorts… Too many… But then again, we were on the F3.

Our drive took us well into the evening and upon the last turn into Forster we were confronted by what appeared to be a beaches whale trying to get a ride back to the beach… I’m kidding of course, it was just a slightly chubby hitchhiker. Turning the corner before she realised we didn’t have automatically locking doors, we drove on into the estate and settled at becs place.

I have to say a couple of bottle of wine and a quality chick flick between friends is a recipe for a great evening. Thanks to our new mates Alec and Meryl we laughed drunkenly through an evening of wine and ice cream. It was like a perfect first date, except I was with bec.

The weekend was spent at the beach where we debated why children are so fat and by the pool where I fell asleep and woke up being eaten alive by ants. Apart from now missing a toe it was a pretty enjoyable nap. That was sarcasm I still have all my toes.

Forster is a great place to watch people. The whole town has about one set of teeth between them and a serious lack of full length pants. We did have a nice chat with an elderly man after we did our food shop and I had a wander by the real estate office to have a look at future investments… Not actually…not after seeing my future neighbours.

Over all the weekend was relaxing and I needed it like nothing else. I’ve got a sweet tan and am completely revitalised. How ideal.