A trip to Melbourne – Be cool Mum.

by jessicalouisemoore

The trip all started with a 5:30am wake up call, an exhausting boot camp session and a train ride with half of the year 7s in Sydney to the airport. We arrive at terminal three, check in, drop mum’s bag off and make our way to the Qantas Club for breakfast, coffee and a quick scan over the morning papers. Inside the lounge, morning heaven ensues. There are newspapers hanging around for everyone to read, a station where you can get a free coffee made and a little breakfast buffet with all the classy basics (no tubs of scrambled eggs here!). Mum and I find a comfortable seat and sit, reading and relaxing, waiting for our flight to be called. Ten minutes before departure time, flight 421 to Melbourne is finally called and we make out way down to gate 5. We arrive to what, on first glance, looks like a police hold up of the flight, but, on closer inspection, it seems we are flying to melbourne with about 30 firefighters. What a pleasant way to start a Thursday.

I give them my best “I’ll be in 31J” smile and join Mum at the front of the queue. We take our seats in the very empty middle section of the aircraft and I settle in just in time to have a front row view of the firefighters boarding the plane. I turn to Mum and quickly remind her to “be cool, it’s just another flight” to which she responds “where is the wee-hole?”. Mum! It’s called a toilet and thank you for giving me a taste of what dying of embarrassment could actually feel like!!! Luckily none of the hunky firemen heard her and I managed to scope out the babes from a safe distance, weighing up whether or not it would be a good idea to set the seat in front of me on fire.

To be continued…