Melbourne – part dos

by jessicalouisemoore

Last time I left you, avid readers, mum and I were on the plane with a casual thirty firemen. Spoiler alert: that’s not all that happened on my weekend away, it’s not even everything that happened on the flight!

So I’m sitting in my allocated seat, reading The Economist (broadening my horizons and such) when the lovely flight attendant comes by offering tea or coffee. “So what are you going to Melbourne for? Work? Travel?” The gentleman asks “a funeral” I reply. “Oh man, trust that the first person I stop and speak to, I put my foot in it” the poor man goes on. “Tea or coffee?” Asks his colleague. “Wine? Would you like wine? I’ll get you some wine” he urges me, to the surprise of myself and his female partner on the cart.

After the exchange I went back to reading my magazine, mum is trying to get to the next level in candy crush and before we know it two bottles of French champagne are being thrust at us. “Celebrate the life” he says, smiles and leaves.

I truly believe that some people in this world are here to make us realise that not everyone is a below par human being.

Apart from the flight, our weekend in Melbourne consisted of a very sad funeral and some great fun with my relatives. To see everyone, drink with everyone and most importantly, eat with everyone got me all excited for the cruise. I spent Saturday with my aunty flicking through the cruise brochure, looking at the boat online and deciding when we would take the train to Milan (before or after the cruise, obviously not during). We then went to get manicures and pedicures before looking around the shops and inevitably heading downstairs for dumplings.

Now, I don’t want to oversell this, but these dumplings were freaking awesome!! The best I’ve ever had…ever. For lack of a better way to describe them, they looked like boobs…sweet sweet boobs filled with delicious pork. The lady behind us had ordered 10 just for herself and to be honest I was oddly impressed but a little perturbed because well, come on lady I was struggling with three!! She must really like boobs…or dumplings… Maybe both?

I will now leave you salivating over the amazing boob dumplings and go to check whether I’ve set a record for saying boob the most times ever in a blog post.

Until next time,
Jess xx