Dumplings of the gods

by jessicalouisemoore

On a Saturday afternoon, starving after a hard morning of manis and pedis, my aunty Anna and I approach the little Asian restaurant on the ground floor of high point shopping centre. Lucky for us there is a rare lack of people trying to get a table and we line up behind one other group. Most people have chosen the take away line instead as the restaurant is already packed with people.

After choosing and paying for what we want to eat we wait patiently for the host to find us two seats. We aren’t waiting long when were ushered to two spare stools at the end of a long table, the food comes almost instantly. A bamboo bowl is place in front of us with the flawless dumplings inside, little blessings filled with pork and about to be dipped in chilli oil. I believe that if gods shopped at high point, this is where they would stop for lunch. We have ordered only 6 yet I could have eaten 60 in the name of true happiness.

As more people begin to flood in the masses of people only add to the atmosphere. You would be easily forgiven for believing you were in New York City at the latest Zagat hotspot. There is an endless interchange of people, eating and leaving. I’m assuming hundreds come through here every day. What a little gold mine dumplings have proven to be.

As we leave a ginormous man is looking for a seat and I finally understand how it is people get to be so large. It is seemingly a mixture of impeccable dumplings and as a result being too full to bother exercising.

Until next time,
Jess xx