The Countdown

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here, mostly because I haven’t been anywhere in quite some time, however, the excitement is mounting as I prepare to take my next adventure, to Europe. Nowadays, so many Australians travel to Europe it’s become a cliched holiday destination which is a real shame. I’ll admit that I have visited my fair share of times, alone and with family, but every time is different due to the large offering of cultures.

This time I am going for a giant family reunion. Normally I am unable to attend due to study, work or lack of funds, but this time I have my leave approved and my pennies saved for what I’m sure will be one of the richest experiences of my life. We have the itinerary mapped out, the dresses bought, the meals dreamed of and planned and the excitement is mounting. Having my entire extended family together in one place, on one cruise ship, is going to be an adventure…a very loud adventure. Mum and I have been dieting and exercising like mad to be bikini ready in time!

At the moment, all I want is a life filled with adventures. The places I have traveled don’t stack up against all the places I still wish to see, taste and feel. There are cities I want to live in and people I can’t even imagine, that I want to meet. For now, on this grey day in Sydney, I’ll save my pennies, plan my escape and bury my nose in the only adventure currently available to me…a book.

Until next time friends.