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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." This site will take over from my previous blog: http://dayumnicebridge.tumblr.com

Day 6 – A letter of your choice…

Dear everyone that reads this blog,

Something very interesting just happened to me.

I came to the realisation that I am friends with someone who I’ve never had an actual conversation with. In fact, I don’t really know them at all. I guess you’re wondering how this actually happens, well, everytime we’ve ever conversed it’s been in banter, sexual inuendoes and complete and utter nonsense. It’s as though there is this person who takes over and becomes what everyone expects me to be instead of who I really am (apologies for the “dear journal” tone). I didn’t realise it was happening at all until I thought about the evening I just had and cringed about the light I had presented myself in.

It’s just not me.

I love having real conversations, yet am warey about the people I choose to have them with. With everyone knowing everyone else, you have to be careful who you trust. There are so many rumours flying around that you can have a pretty distinct picture of someone before you even meet them. Most of the time it’s wildly inaccurate as well. I have a serious side to me that not many people see because I’m normally making overly confident statements and telling stories that don’t shed the best light. It’s not me, I mean I am a confident person about certain things but I’m not as arrogant as I make myself out to be…or as materialistic. You cannot even begin to fathom how embarrassed I really am. I despise those girls who act as if they’re another person and here, I’ve been doing it with certain people for the better part of a year without even realising it.

Does anybody out there do this? I feel like I’m not alone in this because well, that would be highly unlikely. The world has 7 billion people, I’m sure there are people who have this flaw in common with me… There are probably people that have worse flaws than me even, this is at least some comforting news.

Until next time.

Jess x


Day 5 – A letter to a celebrity you like…

Dear Jimmy Fallon,

First of all, thank you. Watching your show/YouTube clips cheers me up to no end…even if I’m not sad! I can’t help smiling whenever “Late Night Hashtags” comes on but I always seem to miss them on your twitter.

I think you are a genius.

Thank you for doing a history of rap with Justin Timberlake, I probably got an unnatural amount of joy from it, but thanks all the same.

I hope that there is another person in this world who can make me smile like your show does, only that I actually get to meet them. When I was in New York I kept an eye out for you whenever I left my hotel room. It would be an honour to meet you in person, though I think I would pass out from happiness if that ever came true.

Thanks for being the greatest Late Night host of all time…of all time.

Jess x

Jimmy Fallon

Day 4 – A letter to the person who has influenced you most…

I don’t think that any one person can fill this position in my life. There are a lot of people that have crossed my path and have opened me up to different experiences that have, in one way or another, changed me.

Obviously my parents are a big part of the reason I am who I am. I am lucky to have a secure and loving home. My father has taught me to travel far and often as he did when he was a child. Going to my Grandparents homes when I was a kid and watching slides of my Dad camping in France have always stuck with me. I always wanted to live in a place where I could drive to another country just like Dad (he grew up in England).

Then there is my Mum. I admire how hard she works and that she isn’t a housewife. I’ve dated boys whose mothers are housewives and I couldn’t think of a bigger waste of my life…that is because I don’t want children, but maybe if you do it’s a little bit different. She has always earned her way in life and I am so happy she has installed those attributes in me.

The friends in my life that I’ve come across have inspired me to do different things. There was the one who encouraged me to reapply to the exchange program and in doing so, changed my life completely. There are the friends who are always there for me when my life “falls apart”…(usually something minor like a boy breaking my heart). Some of the people I love make me feel as though I want to do better, that I can do better and that I should live each day for what it is. They make me feel like I should take risks and I should put my heart on the line because nothing great ever happened to anyone who didn’t ever live a little.

Through all my relationships, with all the interconnected people in my life, I have become the person I am today, and I’m happy with that. I like who I am and sometimes I need a little push to leave the sanctity of my books and my adventures, but I’m loyal and trustworthy and a person that I’m proud of.

I would like to thank all the people in my life, good and bad, who have made me stronger, kinder, more fun and more adventurous than I ever could have imagined.

Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Jess x

Day 3 – A letter to your best friend…

Emily…my sister.

This photo explains exactly why I love you.

I will always enjoy dressing up as a Gangsta in Chris’ clothes with you.

love always,

Jess x

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Day 2 – A letter to yourself as a child…

Dear younger version of myself,

I’m proud of you for being one of those kids that reads books instead of playing computer games. You’ll realise how useful it is once you grow up a little bit. I hope you’re enjoying school, hold onto those moments and learn as much as you can. Do your homework because it really does help and try many different sports.

Be nice to people, even if they are mean to you, it will drive them crazy and in the end you’ll always be able to say you were a good person. Don’t trust too readily, especially people who seem too good to be true, they are. Most importantly, don’t trust someone you know has cheated on their girlfriend, because they will most likley cheat on you too. Stay away from english boys, they’re nothing but trouble.

You are not fat. Don’t think that you are ever. People will tell you you’re beautiful and you should believe them. Take self confidence from that, but don’t think you’re better than others because you’re not, not even a little bit.

Whenever you have the opportunity to travel, don’t take it for granted. There will be times when you’re homesick, but always remember how lucky you are to being seeing different parts of the world. Most people wont have that chance.

Write. Write often and write a lot. Whatever you feel, see, hear or think, write it down…it makes you smarter and more interesting.

Keep your friends close and as for enemies, expel them from you life. The negativity that stems from them isn’t worth your time.

You are going to grow into a beautiful person, but that doesn’t mean that bad things aren’t going to happen. I’m not telling you this to scare you but instead, to prepare you. What people do to you is their Karma, but how you respond is yours. Strive to show class in each aspect of your life and that is how you will be treated in return.

Good luck,

Your older self x 

Day 1 – A letter to your significant other (or future significant other)

Dear Liam Hemsworth,

There are a few things about me that you should probably know since we will be married one day. 

  • I really enjoy peanut butter, more than most people probably do. I could eat the entire jar without thinking twice about it and not even be sorry.
  • I sing really well in the shower. Not actually. That was a lie. I am a terrible singer.
  • Sometimes I lie about what talents I do and don’t have.
  • I read a lot of books, please make sure our future house has its own library because well, I’ve always wanted one, that’s why.
  • I like to cook so I would appreciate it if we had a nice kitchen.
  • Please don’t make me live in Los Angeles, it is awful. Let’s get a place in New York instead, or our homeland, Australia.

Now that we’re fairly up to scratch on knowing each other, I’m very excited to marry you. You see I’ve been feeling for some time now that we were meant to be. It was around the time I went to see the second Hunger Games movie. Cudos on making getting whipped incredibly sexy by the way, thank you on behalf of all female kind. 

I’ve been thinking of going skiing for our honeymoon. What do you think? Aspen or Whistler? You can decide I suppose.

There are some important things we should discuss before we spend the rest of our lives together. Mainly that I don’t feel as though we should have children…what’s that? You feel the same way? That’s excellent. I knew we were soul mates.

Well Liam, the time has come for me to bid you farewell.
I hope you have enjoyed my thoroughly thought out letter and have been thinking of a romantic place to whisk me off to in the near future. I believe we will be very happy together so long as you’re the same stand-up gentleman that you appear to be in that one movie I saw you in.

All my love,

Jess xx

p.s. I promise not to shave all my hair off and have a complete meltdown…unless you find that sexy in which case…actually no I really like my hair…sorry.


30 Day Letter Challenge

I am going to write one letter a day on here for 30 days.
Let the challenge commence!

Pen Pals: A written community…

To me, a community is a place where you feel safe and valued. While there are many physical places where I am lucky enough to feel like this, my favourite is a community that only exists between two people…

Let me explain further:

I have a pen pal, someone in another country who I write letters to. Not emails or texts, snap chats or facebook messages but honest to god, pen and paper letters with stamps and postcodes. To me, there is a community here that only exists for the two of us, like a giant tunnel fort between the two places we live that only we can access. I know it sounds very war-time to write a letter to someone in this day and age of technology, it probably sounds romantic as well, but it’s not, not in the traditional sense of the word anyway. The romance lies in the actual writing of the letter, not what the letters say, but in the fact that I have written and waited at least 2 weeks before my friend, my very close friend, can read my thoughts and ramblings.

We write about our lives and our travels, where we plan to go and what we want to be. What’s special about it is that you can’t be a pen pal with just anyone. You have to have someone who respects the process and the intimate nature of what you’re doing. They have to feel the same excitement that comes from finding a letter with an international stamp in their mail box, otherwise the community will fall apart.

I believe that everyone should have at least one pen pal in their lives. It’s a connection that you can’t get from anything else. Writing down what you have to say makes it so much more real and honest, you have to own up to yourself because you can’t lie to the paper.

This is my community and I’m happy to be a part of it. I hope I always am.



A Sydney New Years…

I’ve celebrated New Years in a few different cities around the world…New York, Milan, Whistler Village and this year, Danang in Vietnam. However, I still feel that Sydney puts on the best show. To be fair, I wasn’t in Times Square for New Years in New York because, well really, who wants to be squashed in with that many people on a freezing cold night??

I am lucky enough to have worked under the Sydney Harbour Bridge for 2 New Years Eve celebrations and the view is absolutely spectacular. As a complete lover of fireworks, the display put on by Sydney is most definitely the best in the world. With lights coming from the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and various barges around the harbour it is a show that I believe everyone should see in their lifetime.

new years 2

This year, I will be celebrating New Years in Danang, Vietnam. I imagine it will consist of a few cocktails and some relaxation. I’ve done the whole party thing and as boring as it sounds, I’d just rather wake up without a hangover and get on with the site seeing.

I’ve posted my favourite photo (taken by me) of the Sydney New Years Eve fireworks display so everyone can see what it’s like. Enjoy 🙂

Until next time.

J xx

NEw years


A free flight for two!

I just entered a competition with my favourite airline QANTAS (not a sponsored post, I actually just love them) to win a flight for two to anywhere in the world!! It got me thinking…where should I go? The most obvious answer is New York as I cannot go a day without thinking about that fabulous city. But, what about all the other cities of the world that I’ve been dying to visit…Berlin? Rome (been there but would love to go again), Bora Bora, Hawaii, Switzerland (anywhere really but mostly the alps) Whistler in Canada and about a hundred more I can’t comprehend in this moment of complete excitement. To me, this competition feels similar to the feeling you get when you buy a lottery ticket and instantly start spending your not yet obtained millions…”oh I would buy 6 houses in Paris…” Blah blah blah.

In my heart I can justify a 5th trip to New York City. The inexplicable desire of the place pulses through my veins with each and every beat of my heart. There is nowhere in this world that I would rather be. The history, the atmosphere, the views, the food, the nightlife and shopping…AH STOP!! It’s all too much to think about.

So, where would you go if someone gave you free tickets to anywhere in the world?!?

You can enter here at: http://www.qantas.com.au